“Our world is built on water and air. Our foundation is on the water, the air, the trees and the animals.Ecology, ecology, ecology is God, for without it we are dead forever.” 

Charles Manson

Church of ATWA, service:

Sunday December 13, 2015. Prayers of gratitude, prayers for strength & discernment, blessings of peace & love. Thoughts & meditations in support of all who have & do suffer punishments & condemnation for holding their convictions in love of mother Earth & brother & sister. Amen.Amen.

“I tell you all, you must look to ATWA. There is no other way.

It must be one world now. One world now, everywhere, the planet must be one. And all the conflict of everybody trying to outdo each other, it’s what’s destroying it.

So it’s all about trees soldier. It’s all about trees soldier. If we don’t have the green, we don’t have no life on the planet Earth.

So the war is toward the Holy, the Righteous and the real of what is destroying life on planet Earth. You destroy my life on the planet Earth, I am making moves in that direction with chemistry and biology from Greenland, north side of everything coming and going towards intelligent life forms that want to survive.

ATWA: All the Way Alive, all the way of life, and that’s all there is.

If we don’t have air, the rest of it don’t matter.

Charles Manson