I often talk about a path, trail or journey. It’s all the same walk. We as people walk toward The Lord. We all can explain a experience that you don’t deserve. That you didn’t earn! It’s the Love that he has placed in our Hearts.  It’s all given to us. Not earned. I have to remember that myself. I’m one to fall over my own feet. Wanting to move fast! Moving forward when I should be sitting still. As the emotions work to rule over my days, we join hands as a Family to walk through it. 

        With this move, we as a family got a chance to understand one another. I can see the doubt in all of our eyes, in the same breath The Strength of a Lion. 

      This Jump based off of Faith has had it’s challenges. I personally want to share the Fight, We all fight in our own ways as we walk. Please! Tell and enjoy your Journey. Look forward, remember the past. But Always look forward to the Better and Best days to come. 

Family First, so I was told!

Jason Freebird Freeman