Church of ATWA, Sunday November 08, 2015. Thoughts prayers and meditations. 

“You are all you got. You know everything. Everything is you know is nothing & that’s everything & that’s what you get nothing. Love you as a me & see the same me in Everything & nothing – be content. Relax. Turn it off & on for the best for you & kick everything & everyone else out of your world mind but the ATWA & LIFE & Death are forever & everything that’s love – Love is the Kee, Key, or KE. 4 blood moons & forever forever always & it is all coming from inside you.! 

 Look at ALL & it all must come from inside – all the dead, all the time, all the Soul, & all the Mind = comes from me that’s inside of all me’s as a Big Myme.”

CM -excerpt from letter-
Courage Faith Loyalty & Honor – gratitude respect peace & love – All Blessings asked & bestowed for Truth in our Hearts words & actions, Love & compassion for ourselves & all.


All the Way Alive