I often wonder where I would be if I went this way, or rode the train that way. Sometime I’ll ask myself, If I am where I would of been if I would of taken a different path, journey or gravel between your travel.  I would like to think, It would be! Same place  and same determination. There is no laying down for that hand out. You don’t mind a little hand out every once and awhile. Feels a lot better when you give back. If you have been given so much, that’s just that much more you have to give back to this world

          I always feel as if I’m behind. Chasing what’s always In front of me. I know I suffer from a bad habit. My habit is moving forward. When I’m done moving forward, I want to find something new to work on. It the chase, chasing after a Dream for years is such a rush. It builds the inner you. The Inner you is what showcases who you are every step of your way in your personal Journey. Help me! Be a dreamer also, impact someone else’s life. Building a business, working on a book or training self defense …Family some would say!  My boys and wife see me more now than they ever have.      Thank you,

        Jason Freebird Freeman

PS: dream big, the ocean is much bigger than the overstocked pond we may be used to!