A code of Honor and Respect. Those are just 2 words that the Oil Field leaves in my Heart. As I drive away, maybe for the last time. It is heart breaking. The bonds we as a team had created for the last 5 years of my life will always be remembered. My life being saved. (Freddy) to saving a life. (Chuck Norris) Many memories will never leave my mine & my heart. The Hard Working Warrior’s facing the Dragon withen the Earths crust. That is who we are. 

         We all give up our lives to chase a Dream. Turning to a New chapter in my life is always hard. I cried when I stopped and called it quits in my fight career. As I huged brothers from different walks of life, Today I cried again. We all carried our difference, but never made those our daily points of interest. As one person blew up over frustration, another did hours later. Putting our differences to the side and work together as a team, That’s what made us rise to be the best we could be. We are all leaders in life. We just have to know it in our Hearts and never lay down.

   I cry on my way to work when I leave my family at home. Today I cried walking away from my family in the Oil Field. 

Stay true to who you are on the inside, it travels everywhere your Journey takes you. God Bless to everyone who reads my words. The Lord will Bless you as he has blessed me with Highs & Lows in my walk of life.

I’m coming Home & I’ll cry tears of joy with my wife & kids. I live another Hitch out to tell my story. I’m thankful for all I have.

Jason Freebird Freeman