Church of ATWAPrayers & meditations


“…95% of what’s in the minds of the U.S. people is & was & will be shit brainwash for a government that’s only dead soldiers that were sacrificed for phony wars, & games put on by Wall Street, & the governments are con jobs & tricks & the only real is blind soldiers who are locked to TV movie babies on the floor & their family is money & that’s destroying the nature of it all – –

The only reason I seen it is I got 63 years in lock-up, in cages, out of schools, & under the command brainwash , & when I got out I seen all the lakes & rivers & wildlife become & were turned into freeways, markets, condos; & the nature was being warred on by people money, 

& I asked “Who’s in charge of the destruction?” & they said it was construction and it was progress, & I said “It’s progress-ing to the end of all Air, trees, water & animals-wildlife” & they said BULLSHIT & I said “people are the shit” & I was put on trial for helping the kids, & you know the rest of the lies they told the world.”

Honor, Faith, Loyalty, and Courage.

ATWA. All the Way Alive 

Blessings and prayers for success, strength, wisdom, compassion, understanding, joy, love and peace.

Thanks to all brothers and sisters who help and support their Church of ATWA congregation through the fellowship of sharing our live’s joys and struggles, love and respect.



We all can see whats holding us back. When we quit fighting and lay down, that’s when we lose as people.