My heart hurts when I have to say good bye. As the days wind down, closer to catching my next flight. I want to cry while saying good bye. Dad’s always have to look & be strong. As I hold one in my arms and bring the rest of my family in for a group moment. We all feel the same. Life just doesn’t seem complete when your always somewhere else. 

          Having to leave my Family for  14-17 days at a time. It’s not always easy. It just seems to get harder. 5 years of the same focused energy in 2 areas of life has been challenging. Home Life then The Oil Field Life. 

          As the land fades and the wind is under our wings. I wonder what this Hitch out will be like. Work safe, stay safe, watch your friends back at all times. No time to think about home when your facing Iron all around you. The time you slip up or think of something else, that’s the time a friend around you gets hurt or dies. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not scary! Machines and cables fail. People get distracted. Those are the scarey areas in the field. When equipment fails, it could relate to loosing a life. 

    While being gone, I want my kids to know how much Dad loves them. All I’m doing is for my family. Being gone is not by choice, it’s the way of life right now. I love you guys and will see you in a couple weeks!