Church of ATWA  -prayers and meditations: Sunday Oct 11, 2015.”The Mighty Right On” 

“…So then you’re borned, and you come up as a child and you’re trying to find out how to transcend the confusion and use your intelligence to survive and use your intelligence to figure out what God is and what peace is and what all the things are that complete your life as your being- then I pass on to you – RIGHT ON.

…Time is not today; one day at a time is in prison, it’s been held in prison for as long as prison has been because it’s the law and the law is the will of God. The will of God is law.

…So the Mighty Right On is on you now , on your computer. that would be order – God’s Law. God’s Law is simply survive or there’s no God.

…Sin is when you do something against yourself – you’re sinning against God because God is inside yourself. Your body houses God and to disrespect your body disrespects God. To do some bad to any living thing is to do a bad to yourself. If you step on a bug, spray the spiders, kill the animals or eat hamburgers or whatever you’re doing against life – you’re doing against yourself, because you are all life. You are the world, you are order, you are survival, you are the atmosphere, you are the trees, you are the animals, the bugs, birds, the bees. You are everything and there is no bad, it’s all good. The only bad is when you you do bad for and against yourself.

…the Mighty Right On is heartbeat now. And there is only me here standing alone, everybody else has found an excuse to run away and hide from themselves because they cannot stand the truth. Because the truth is too much, to heavy, too fast, it’s just not for human consumption.

The humans cannot understand the way of the wolf, or the snake that lays in the grass or the bumblebee that gives his life when he has to sting somebody.

That’s what the Manson Family was like; bumblebees- they stung to survive. They did what they felt was right just like we are all soldiers in the truth of ATWA because ATWA is everyone’s life – and that is the simplicity of the Mighty Right On.

Power to the soul, the mind and the body. ”

Charles Manson,  2007

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Blessings of health and abundance, peace and love!