I can see now what I didn’t see then!

Oppertunity was always around me. When you don’t see what you have till it’s gone, it’s sometimes to late. The oppertunity I had in my corner was there but I didn’t see it most of my 39 years. From my supporting parents to my Claymont coaching staff. Teachers and fans of the sports I was involved in all my life. They seen what i passed up, a lot of oppertunity. A lot of kids are mislead and don’t know what way to go. That’s why I ask. Please be kind & rewind. I see the support that I had in High School, it quickly past when I graduated in 1995 from Claymont High. It was time to grow up and get a job. My Dad called that (Job) just over broke!

             Spending years with no direction had a young man like me confused at what direction I needed to be moving toward. Even then I didn’t see what all I let fade away. When it’s gone it may never come back. Being strong willed I pushed through a lot. I didn’t know how to give up, I only knew how to Fight. The battles of this world and the battles Won & Lost in the Ring. You always walk away with something to pass on to someone else. I’ve got a lot of battle scars, some call them mistakes or regrets. A big purpose in my life is to Be kind & rewind. Give back, what was given to you. We all carry a purpose driven life based off of our highs and lows. 

A Great Minister (Dode) once told me to always give, and you’ll receive. The phrase is so true. I’ve been given so much and I’ve given so much. The place I am today is the path God intended me to be on. I can now give back more than I have ever received in my life. Just being me, the way God has made me! Gives me the open eyes to see oppertunity that was around me for years. I chose not to accept the favor he placed on my life. I’m not passing these oppertunities up as I did in my younger years. I’m now passing them on to others. 

I’m going to continue to be kind and rewind. 

Jason Freebird Freeman