As the main focus point of this autobiography unfolds, you’ll see that the story carries a  common interest to all reader, from the ages of a young child into a Adult. Overcoming major opsticals, to growing from a young boy into a Man. We can all relate to a lot of these articles. This writer wants to carry the passion to keep you on your toes With A True Story, the tail of the tape will be told from all directions, not everything in order. When this is final and finished, the author will capture every moment to create an untold story of Americas Historical Roots that Captured everyone across the World in the 1960’s. From the 3.5 years unstable always changing relationship with his Grandfather,  (Charlie Manson )and the untold life of his  biological father(Charlie Manson Jr.)all the way back to his childhood growing up, fighting on the street to avoid being picked on. To furthering the life long frustrations into energy for a long Fight Career. Over 150 Ammy & Professional sanctioned fights, to all the training it took to fight in the Ring and the struggles of the everyday battles we all face. Good and Evil life style can sometimes direct us into unwanted places. Or! Redirect us right where God intended us to be. With a Lovely wife and beautiful Family!

What’s your Dream, we all have one, we just choose not to chase it. Or we capture the moments and the rush of chasing a Dream. Not knowing what’s behind the next door or if there is going to be a door to open. That’s called the walk of Faith. We are all in favor of The Lord. The Lord leads your Heart. Who you are is what everyone around you will see everyday, who has the energy to focus on self improvement? We all should be willing.

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       Jason Freebird freeman