2 days after our 9th year wedding anniversary. 5-20-15 (4PM my time) I had Max and Ajay at the car wash. I’ll never take this truck in the mud again. I ran out of time on the pressure washer I was using. I had a $5 bill in my pocket, I didn’t want to spend it on a car wash. I  make my deposit anyway! Max opens the truck door, Charlie Manson is calling your phone dad. I told him it’ll be alright. Put your window up.  Shoot, I got to answer it.  As I opened the door Max handed me the phone. I didn’t want to at first. 2 young boys at a car wash. Then trying to have a serious conversation with my Grandfather. Doubt set in when it comes to talking to him. Depends on what I’m doing at the time. You can’t predict when he’s going to call or talk about. The calls are not always the best. He takes me wrong and I take his prison slang wrong. We may disagree and hang up on one another. That does not stop each other from writing or calling. (CM) “what’s going on soldier? “He says!  He doesn’t comprehend my days and task. I tend to keep it simple.(JF) “Hanging out with my boys & washing my truck.  He then says (CM)”you training those boys up right?”Then he goes right into. “your Grandma Rosie couldn’t be trusted, when I got those divorce papers, she has to know you can’t separate yourself from God. We held hands and were married under Gods name. She can’t just back out! I didn’t sign them Freeman!”I didn’t know what to say. (JF) We didn’t get along to well anyway, I replied! I’m with you on this one. I asked him if he knew she was married 6-7 times after him?” 4 years ago Milton Moony(grandmas last husband) calls me asking a lot of questions. He said he couldn’t believe she was married to CM. Milton said he never knew. 2 weeks apart, I got another phone call. It was my grandfather. He heard about my short Bio book I wrote. No real details about my Grandfather in the book,just stating that I knew we were related.  Didn’t feel real to have my grandmothers first and last husband on the phone that close together. My grandfather knew she married again. He said he heard it was a Jack White guy. That’s where Jr. Got the last name White. I told him I didn’t believe in her myself, she didn’t make it a point to stay in some kinda communication through out my life. I could see how Rosie stayed away from Charlie Manson, Charlie Jr. Had a rough life living in that shadow and not really having a home life. Then their I was. No father, grandfather or grandmother to connect with from that side of the Family! 


I was one of the lucky kids and had a great Step Dad. My grandfather then says, (CM) “you don’t even know all of your family do you son? Your Scotland I tell you, what do you know about your people?” (JF)” I said Ireland, we’re Irish also.” (CM)Scotland, he yells! “You don’t comprehend what I’m getting at. We are not on the same path young man.”(JF)” You said Scotland and I say Ireland and now were not on the same page!” I don’t have time for this bull! So I changed it up!  I put the phone on speaker phone. I told him I was with my 2 boys and Max wanted to say hello. When he talks with my wife or kids he seems to take a step back and talk more on their page. Max says Hello, Manson replies with hello. They talk about Max playing baseball and his age.


Then he comes on strong with. (CM) “So your dad tells you how to live all the time?” Max agreed, my dad does tell me what to do all the time.” Charlie believes that every child needs to be free and that we need to follow them around and learn from them, we shouldn’t lead our children. I try my best to understand where he comes from on different conversations.(JF)” I help my boys understand right from wrong and that there are different paths in life. I want to lead them so they can understand that some paths take you to bad places.” I understood what I was talking about.(CM)”you don’t get the ways of life do you young man.” Sometimes I feel he jumps around so much that it’s hard to stay up with him. I often question myself about this old mans way of thinking. He’s not up to date on society’s ways of living, Raising kids from all ages and walks in life. I often question my walk in life when I talk to him. My mom makes a great point.(SFM)” you as a man Jason have overcome and risen above the 2 generations that traveled before you! You have a lot to stand tall about. Never hang your head because of words of other.  I can’t say every phone call or letter I receive makes complete sense. I read between the lines. Read it fast and then read it backward. LMAO!