5/13/15 around 9Pm eastern time. It would be 6Pm in California. My phone rings. Pops up Charlie Manson. I got it programmed when Globel Tell Link calls in. This incoming call is coming from Corcoran Califorina Corresction Institue. I though, Grandpas in a institute. Great he’s going back to school. Just kidding. “Charles Manson” he said over the phone. I had to accept my pressing 5. Real basic right. I had my Bluetooth going through my speaker. Well I flipping pushed the wrong button. Killed the unit. Lost the call. I thought crap, it’s been 2 months and I push the wrong button. How am I to explain this to the old man.”hey, well I lost that call because of a speaker I talk through had all of these buttons and and I hit the wrong one.” Nothing would of registered.” He calls back wither 10 minutes. He goes into how amazing it is we are so far away and we can talk on the phone. That’s when I knew the story about the Bluetooth would of taken my 15 minute call. I stayed away from it on this call. Maybe in a letter next time.  He often tells me, and did today also. ” your grandmother took all I had and devorced me. My gun my boy (Charlie Manson jr.)my music. Sold it to a truck driver. My music man, the Beach boys and Elvis Presly. That’s me and that’s my stuff. They take and take from us. When’s it enough.” As the phone call faded, I didn’t hear him anymore. Looked at my phone. Said hello again. Then he was still talking. He said ” do you even know what I mean, where’s my fair trial, where’s my rights. What are you doing for me?”  This short very interrupted conversation has me thinking. It’s not anything different than what he’s said before. I’m setting back and looking at my life. What am I doing, what do I stand for. I’ve been fishing a lot while out at work away from my family. Our company is about to stack out 7 more rigs. So my jobs at risk. That’s got me thinking more. While im fishing in this area I’m working in, I see a lot of trash on the River banks. No factories but trash. I think of ATWA. Something my grandfathers roots are set on. Air,Water ,Trees and animals.I walked up on a animal almost sleeping or just waiting to die. I look at all the trash around him. I think of Mother Nature and all we have. I think of my Grandfather, locked away for so many years but is still pounding the walk of ATWA. We will be coming back to you with facts on Charlie Mansons case and the facts about ATWA. His thoughts with Man Vs. Nature

I often have a lot that weighs on me. I just feel like I’m not doing something. I’m a step behind at all times. We as people deal with this rat race daily, and at times  it seems so pointless. The last 4.5 years in the Oil Field carries no weight in my life. It feels like wasted time out here.Besides taking care of my family, this does help our home life. What have I  not done, there’s something missing. Almost feels like a puzzle, God reveals one peace every other year. This Question goes out to all of us. Are we taking care of what’s taking care of us? What I mean, our house. The place we live. Home sweet Home! On a big scale or a small scale. ATWA is short and basic but carries so much in those 4 letters.