We as parents all want the best for our children. Wisdom as they grow, pick them up along the way when they fall and give a little pat on the back when they are successful. I’m personally learning that what kids need is one on one attention. Affection in their own way. All kids are different. Some may know that I’ve always had a heart for people, mainly kids.Planted in me by God. Seeing they are the most likely to soak in what you have to offer. 

         I want to share a image of a child wondering alone through life, No parents or inlaws. Only a outlaw. The streets are all he know, it’s what he calls home. It’s all he has! Do we as society call these kids of our days outlaws or is it more of a lack of male role models. I hear this often.”IDE hate to be a kid these days! Or, I can’t believe you would still bring children into this world” All the bulling and drugs. It’s sad to hear people talk the way they do. There is a bigger plan than we know of. It’s way bigger than sitting on the couch waiting for a hand out. Or passing the same trade down to your next generation. Let’s all make a stand. Be a Generation that overcomes the the odds. The cards being stacked in the favor of the world should only build a fight on the inside of you. Our kids look at our actions and repeat exactly what we do. It’s a proven fact. I see it and so do you. I personally was most likely to be in jail and I was the class clown. I didn’t take life serious. That’s why I need to tell my story. In hopes that it’ll fall in the hands of some young people who can relate. Look in that mirror and then start to fight back. If the fight isn’t for you, fight for your kids. Your kids kids!  Believe that the mark you leave behind will live on for decades after your long gone. We as people have so much to offer other, but our lives consume us to the fullest. I’m one of those people. I want to do so much but run out of time. A stage has been built under my feet. I didn’t truly see it till 2011. When I looked outside of my gym at the door of my Home. The tables turned when God opened up my eyes, my home in a distance and my family looking back at me. I thought I made another mistake. I was chasing a Dream while I left my Family so I could venture in this journey. My spiritual eyes were open that day. The Lord shared with me that I was only taking another step forward in my journey. It was now time to use the stage in a different light and to go enjoy being a Husband and a Father. At that time in my life, I took a deep breath and stopped crying. All that happens to us will make sence some time! One day! Just not as fast as we would all like it.