I see so many music artist at the age of 60 and over. I think of my Grandfather often. It’s hard not to. I create the image of him being up on stage. The joy he would have being up there, the love of being a entertainer. I can see him still traveling the East Coast playing his music, enjoying the wind and the rain. Chicago Golden Glove area all the way to the west coast. Fighting and music Entertainment all the way!!

  My Dad Dink(Glehn) played guitar most of his life before he fought cancer  for a period of time and lost that battle. Or did he, his place in Heaven looking down on us will always be in my mind. Just a couple years ago, While I was in Bowerston,Ohio at my Mothers, we had to call 911 on this visit. It was a very sad day. I talked to my dad just days before about having a steak and enjoying a nice meal together on Wednesday. That was my last day I got to see him. Prior to going to his home, I stopped at a Local Ministers(Dode Overton) home for prayer. We Prayed over my dad. We must of prayed good, our God took him a couple weeks later. That day When I arrived to my Parent’s home. My dad was sleeping. Mom was to be home by 12 noon. I hung out till she got there. It turned for the worst. 911 had to be called. My dad was in a coma. I had to help the EMT’s load my dad. That was my last time seeing my Dad. Ive seen many people carry the passion for dreams in life. My dad always told me.”We are so much alike, that I had to of slipped in your moms window at night and planted a seed.” We always laughed about that. Our little inside joke. His passion was just as strong as my Grandfathers. Making music and watching people laugh and enjoy themselves. A smile on the faces of the people around you was and has always been priceless. Better than money. I believe it’s the Heart of a Man that makes him in the end! It’s not just his actions along the way!  I personally lived a unforgiven lifestyle most of my life. The day my wife gave Birth to our 3 rd boy, changed my life. The men I grew up around may not have taken the time to slow down and see God move the way I have seen him move. Right through our kids. Kids are the priceless blameless work of our God. When we can learn to slow down and live life on their level. Is when we can reveal how good God really is to us. Through the good, bad and the ugly! Are we forgiven as people, or is there somewhere in our lives we need to make a change? Please take this time to ask yourself a couple basic questions. What can I do to improve myself and improve my child’s future??

Jason Freebird Freeman