My name is Jason Freeman. For a while now I have felt led to share my story with others. My hopes are that maybe something I have been through and overcame will reach out to someone who might find themselves traveling down the same wrong road that I once went down. My story is a little different you see. I come from a fairly notorious bloodline. My Grandfather is Charles Manson. My father was his son…. Charles Manson Jr. I struggled for many years with unanswered questions. I felt like I was constantly running from the “Manson Curse” that seemed to plague my bloodline. But that story is for another time….
As I move forward in my Journey I would like to take you all, my readers, along with me. This blog will consist of many articles that will give you all a glimpse into the life I lived while growing up, of my fathers life and how we came to be a part of each others. I will share with you my weaknesses, strengths, times of failure and times of triumph. I will share with you how I met the love of my life who I feel blessed to call my wife and the mother of my three sons. I will share with you the events that led me to make a decison to get to know my grandfather as a person and how and where he fits into my life….
Most importantly I will share the truth. I want to spread hope and inspiration… and give back to a world that gave back to me – something I vow never to take for granted again.
A second chance….


28 thoughts on “About”

  1. Tara hands said:

    I think your amazing Jason and excelled so much in your life!! Way to go

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  2. Lora (Mizer) Freed said:

    Jason always remember God will use you to help others. You helped me learn that success begins with yourself and inner strength. For the first time in my life I discovered who I was. I am so thankful that everything happened for you the way it did. God bless my friend.

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  3. Brad VanSlyke said:

    I just went to your blog. Nicely done. I am really proud to know you. I think you have a great story and although your history is dark we know a God that shines so bright that as the word says the darkness comprehended it not. I am sure that where ever you go that’s exactly where God wants you to be at that time. Even if it’s just a short time. Remember that the children of Israel wandered in the wilderness for forty years and they were right where God wanted them. Just allow him to lead you bro and you will be amazed at where you end up. Praying for you and your sweet family.

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  4. Tyler Frutig said:

    Jason u r truly a great person no matter what. Love ya cuZ

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  5. beauty in the writing flow of amber turner who shows jason freeman the man.no fluff or just stuff.raw and writtin with real emotion.jason very spiritual very humble very giving of himself.his story from the start and his getting to know manson as grandfather not the boogyman once thought makes you yearn for more.


  6. I love your story freeman. It is such an inspiration to me and I’m sure it is blessing many people. It shows the true, wonderful power and grace of Jesus to be able to take your. Circumstance and turn it around to bless thshow his greatness and love and glory. May the lord continue to use your life story to bless many people. Love you brother!


  7. Andy Staneart said:

    You’ve also been a great guy in my books!


  8. Clint Robinson said:

    That truly came from the heart, I’m more than honored to be your friend brother! I know there’s been many times in my life when things looked hopeless, the journey was impossible to achieve. Then later looking back at that peeble, that once seemed like a mountain. Only then we realize! We are the captain of our own destiny and future . I’ m very proud to see you have found greatness, things changed for the best bud. You are an inspiration to so many people. Jesus is truly with you my brother!!!

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  9. Karen Pearson said:

    Did you grow up with people knowing who your grandfather is? If so how did you deal with it?


    • Karen,
      Very few people knew. I was always told by my grandmother to keep this secret and never to talk about it. My loved ones kept the child in me and have me that chance to be a kid. I couldn’t im akin what Charlie Jr. Had to face all those years!!

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      • Dreama d Wallace said:

        You should talk about it, it’s an amazing story. I can relate to your dad and grandfather. I’m not just saying this because it’s you. I was let down and three into juvenile hurt mentally and physically by the people I trusted the most. All I had was my mom in life. Charlie’s story has inspired me and helped me survive not just survive but live. I’m not afraid anymore. When I read your story I cried. I write your grandfather and would had loved to met your father. Don’t let people define you. You are from a Grandfather and Father who were through away by society. I commend you for your beautiful story. I find myself reading it often when I find myself giving up. Thank you so much.

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      • Thank you for the encouragement to keep moving forward. We only that in life I’m glad that you grab my story and the story of the history and roll with it


  10. Andrea DeFrance said:

    Hello Jason,
    First of all I just wanted to say God Bless you!
    The struggles you have been through are crazy. But now Baptized and a new changed man is a blessing. I was just wondering how do I get a hold of your Book?
    Thanks, Andrea

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  11. Truth Finder said:

    No one knows Jason like the people who grew up with him, he has lost a lot if not all of his friends because he betrayed them, betrayed there trust, lied to them, and even stole from them. The true story of the Grandson of Charles Manson’s is about to be told in a book – ‘Sins of the Father’ demonstrates how he manipulated countless woman, friends, business partners, etc. only to create the big lie “woe is me”. You will be shocked when you here the truth of all the lies behind the so called wonderful Jason “Freebird” Freeman, or is it Jay “Charles Manson the 3rd” freeman, who knows what’s next out of his mouth to try and make a quick buck.


    • Love will always gather around you, as much of the gossip and betrayal of others will follow you

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    • Come on, is this the best you got. Stop living in the basic commercial county box. Most people have always talk beneath the doors and smiled in my face. It’s common to see you hide, I’m used to it. Be free in your untruthful ways. As you poke one one person and lie to yourself in the other hand. Tell yourself, “your no better than me” the one who throws rocks from up high. I laugh at you like I always have. You can’t hide, your always there

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    • I just read this comment. I do not know who you are, or your purpose to produce such hatred toward Jason. Truthfinder is definitely a poor name for what crap you are saying. So sick of money making book writers who lie. The truth will set you free.

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  12. Diana Cheng said:

    Hi Jason, I’m a Casting Director trying to get in touch with you. Would love to chat with you over a call!
    Could you email me at my email with your contact info? Or you can reach me at 212-210-1400 x5542. Thanks!


  13. R Grace MEIHUIZEN said:

    If you can’t afford to bury the nut case (tried to set up a fund through a friend) let the state of California dump his ass in the sewer of the prison. Laying claim your related to the fuck turd makes you dumber than a rock…stupid is as stupid does…


  14. R Grace MEIHUIZEN said:

    If you’ve been “RUNNING FROM THE CURSE” why out yourself as his grandson? Blood has nothing to do with how you lived your life. I am the offspring of the devils whore but would never identify to the world who the bitch is…
    Trying to get 15 minutes of fame makes you look desperate for money….

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    • I can help you a little bit.
      The so called curse had to be faced, you face your giants in this world.
      We all know we live in a corrupt and evil world. Way way worst than what society labeled Grandpa as. But that’s a bigger mountain that God and time for work out.
      Now you say Money… that can be a driving force behind some people, and other like to make their ends meet… like myself… I worked hard all my life, why change now…
      The Mission trips to homes built to water wells driller for the Less Fortune families across the our Great Land. The Oppertunity to Help Assist changing communities…. if I ever had the funds to make a impact on my families lives, I’ll gladly take it.
      The Platform the Lord has payed u see my feet it to help others in his name…
      So the ones that don’t know me, well you will
      Jason Freebird Freeman
      Frontline Warrior


  15. Michelle Blankenship said:

    I have missed you my friend, I am praying for you and your family always


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